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Phillip & Nicola

Continuing Professional Development Series: Face to Face

The Australian Mediation Association is proud to present again Nicola Hartfield and Professor Philip Green.
They have presented on these topics throughout New Zealand, to the Law Society of NSW, the Australian Mediation Association, Bond University and in April 2014 …read more

Welcome to the Australian Mediation Association

Welcome to the Australian Mediation Association (AMA) your Resolution Experts. The AMA is a group of Mediators and conflict resolution practitioners who provide private mediation services, consulting services, and education in mediation, communication and negotiation, to help businesses and individuals avoid disputes through planning and to resolve disputes through mediation.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) has become a widely used set of processes that continues to grow as a means of resolving even the most complex, high stakes cases. Through a combination of the expertise of our distinguished mediators and associates and effective business practices, we have set the standard for ADR providers nationwide.

The AMA is focused on facilitating highly professional, diplomatic and responsive interventions that achieve successful outcomes for all parties involved.

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  • Reedsport Educators are engaged in meetings, to reach a settlement on the collective bargaining agreement. ,
  • Court Judge Ray D. Martin ordered between Pleasure Point’s Bama Park residents and Alabama Power Company. ,
  • Disagreement between the town of Lodge Grass and the Crow Tribe over subdivision water service is headed to mediation ,
  • Trinity Industries have been ordered to enter after the company defrauded the United States government. ,
  • A judge is overseeing mediation to try to settle the case and improve services for special-needs kids in New Orleans. ,
  • A California judge ordered a consumer privacy dispute that was filed against technology giant Google to . ,

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